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Clintsong web site has been up for 18 Years!! To all people who seek to do harm or terrorize anyone, Please seek out someone, A friend, family member or trusted person's advise. We hope you the best and hope you find peace in your life.. Enough Said! As for the web site it is currently past due for updates!! But still has many fun aspects of Debbie's Clint's,and Jake's live together! To All our family and friends, We love you and hope you the best! see you all on FB!! Clint & Debbie Whitman!



AFTER 22 years of loving Debbie Schram, My high school Sweetheart she finally said YES!!! Way to go Clint. Debbie and I were Married on the 21 of October 06... We are happy and had a wonderful wedding . The more time we are together the more I understand that I was right! Debbie is and always has been the love of my life! After being hers and her being mine since we re-met, all I can say is how could I have ever lived without her as my life, my wife! I love you baby!!


Clint, Debbie and Jake say Hi & Welcome You Have Found The Site Known To Thousands (well maybe a dozen)



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How are you doing and thank you for dropping by. Allot of changes have happened in our lives, Jake is now, Working at Houck Inc. in Los Angeles Building custom homes (from the office). We moved to LA from Carlsbad in 2004 after I re met my girl friend from 1984. She is the most wonderful lady I have ever known and treats Jake and I as we deserve. We are good people and she is the best person I have ever known. Debbie I love and care for you at a level I have never known. You have made my life complete. You are wonderful full time. And on the 21st of October 2006 we were wed, I am the luckiest man on earth, or any other planet. We are into Astronomy, flying giant R/C airplanes at Sepulvida basin. Learning to fly hang gliders. Star Shooting!! Still playing and writing music. Any way just wanted to update this text and let you know what's going on. THE PEOPLE
(Clint young and get younger daily. Many years clean and sober. I was a full time single dad for 8 years until Debbie came into our lives and gave Jake and I her love and life. Some passions,flying RC aircraft, flying hang gliders, Looking at the stars in the sky, playing guitar, mandolin, singing, surfing, riding Harley`s and working as head estimator in construction \ management
(Debbie the worlds best middle school teacher and the LOVE of my life and my only prom date I have ever had or would ever want. Until the stars fall from the sky there is only you and I.)

(Jacob our he is awesome high school grad and Great, Guitarist, Singer, Student, EX Coffee jerk EX best sale person guitar center and now the greatest construction manager in the world (also a highly trained coffee man thanks starbucks makes me want a coffee) He is my best friend, Was the best man at our wedding and is my constant roll model)

(Michael our son in absentia, Great guy and a heart of gold, Was living in Seattle and is now in living in Deptford, NJ. We haven't seen him in a few years but talk often. Love and miss him daily)


The hang glider, Makes our old house look small & made the neighbors gossip a bit


     OLD NEWS Hang gliding has been going slow I am learning turns and approach angles for landing, also the all important when to flair. NEWS 30 trips off the top in one day and I am now a hang two pilot


Debbie and I finally found our place in the sun! We have purchased and moved to our one acre ranch in Val Verde California. It is about 30 miles north of the valley. It is impossible to describe the place verbally! I am updating this page to try to give folks an idea of how awesome this place is for us.

A Shot of the South View from the 500 sf deck I built at the rear of the house.

The Clint & Jake Built Deck Under Construction 2008

Deck 2010 Trying to decide on the new trim color for the entire place.

Our dirt lot back yard 2008

I graded out the back yard, hand stacked stone and then added a couple flowers. LOL Hard to see the old yard in the new new yard.

Star-Oak Ranch was a dream that Debbie and I had. Over the past couple years it has really come to be what we saw in the dream.

Here is a shot of the north 40 when we moved in.

Star-Oak 2010 horse barns, Corrals, lofts, fencing, Water mains and the Star-Oak Observatory you name it we have built it. We are going to have horses in 2011 and they will be lucky to have a place like STAR-OAK and the Whitman's to love them


There are songs attached to the slide shows below some of which I have written and performed some with my good friend Jeff Tappon. Please click on the links twice and give them a minute to load.

Thank you for looking at the site I can be contacted at





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